What to expect at the SASA Institute

Be sure to also check our Frequently Asked Questions page and the most recent institute brochure to get more details.

What the week looks like:

Sunday evening: orientation (all participants should attend) where the faculty is introduced and general announcements are made; followed by the "play-in" (you will need your instrument for that) where students go with the faculty to play songs and do musical activities as a prelude to institute (this is about 30 minutes); and finally the ice-cream social ends the day.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: Master classes, group classes, electives, and parent-teacher talks. 

Friday evening: strings concert. This is where all the string players play in their groups together using the material they have been working on in class. In the past it has been held at 5:00 p.m. Location varies but will be posted as soon as we know it. All students who have participated in the "string repertoire" group class or who are in a chamber ensemble should perform. You will want to invite your family and friends too; it is an inspiring event! The picnic for everyone is at 7:00 at a local park to be announced.

Daily schedule

The individual schedule for your week generally will be available on Monday (the first day of institute). There are six possible class periods during the day, and "core classes" make up three of those. Core classes for string students include a master class and two group classes. For piano students it is a master class, a group class, and a theory class. Pre-twinkler students usually have a master class, a group class and a class such as kindermusik for their third class. Although we receive many requests for schedules in advance of the institute, due to last minute registrations we are making adjustments up until a few days prior. This means that any schedule given out in advance is tentative at best and may change drastically before the process is done.

What should you have ready for institute?

Have your instrument (string players), your music, your lesson notebook, pencils, lunch, quiet things to do when you have free time, and anything else you might need during a regular day. You will need a computer with a camera and a wifi connection.

Parent Talks

These are special opportunities to hear teachers or experts talk about issues pertinent to Suzuki parents. These will happen daily, and are very motivating. Look information in your packet about what the topics and speakers are this year..

Lunch Concerts

We will be working on a way to present a lunch concert whenever possible this year - stay tuned! 

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