Attending other Institutes

Why go to another institute?

One of the main reasons to also go to institutes in other locations is to have access to more master teachers and parents and students from other communities. Suzuki teaching is different with every teacher, and there is a wealth of information out there that you can access by visiting other places. You also may have access to activities at a larger institute that cannot be offered at ours. If you do go and have ideas for things we should try, please let us know!

students traveling to Outside institutes

What should you prepare for when you go?

Suzuki Institutes are fairly similar, in that most classes use a format that feels very familiar. You should bring your instrument (if applicable), your music, stand, instrument care items (spare strings etc), and a notebook for writing down lesson thoughts. You should also pack for the local weather. Usually the institute information will tell you what that might be. Although sometimes there are opportunities for other activities such as swimming or sightseeing, most institutes have activities throughout the day and into the evenings so plan on a really full schedule.

Reviews of other institutes

Oregon Suzuki Institute (Forest Grove, Oregon):
I really enjoyed this institute because it was very friendly. It was a completely different experience to stay on campus and participate in more evening activities without having to commute home every night. - Karyn Grove-Bruce
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The American Suzuki Institute (Stevens Point, Wisconsin):
This institute, located on the campus of UW-Stevens Point, was the first Suzuki institute in the United States and is still the largest Suzuki institute in the US. We found a wide range of instruments and musical skill levels here as well as instructors able to cater to each student's needs. There are over 50 concerts presented during the 2 week period. There is something for everyone! - Dianne Rogers

concert at Steven's Point

Colorado Suzuki Institute (Snowmass, Colorado):
Our whole family loved this institute. My daughter enjoyed instructors from different countries, attended fabulous multi-sensory musicianship sessions, and loved her Mime elective that helped teach her how her body, as well as her violin, projects her love of music. This year, in addition, she will be able to participate in an orchestra strand. The setting at Snowmass was a fabulous place to combine a family adventure with a rich and rewarding Suzuki violin experience. - Traci Caves