Find a Local Suzuki Method Teacher

Currently the only requirement for teachers listed on our website are completion of the class "Every Child Can" and CURRENT membership with SAA. After June of 2009, a teacher must also have completed and REGISTERED at least Suzuki Book One in their instrument to be listed here. Listing on our website does not indicate any endorsement or recommendation of a particular teacher.

For help in learning how to select a Suzuki method teacher for your child, visit the SAA page for Parents.

Teachers - If you would like to be included in this list, click here to submit your information for review and approval. Membership in SAA does not automatically list you here. You must use this form to request a listing.

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Book Levels: 1-3, Revisiting Book 1, Practicum
Linda Ottum907-279-4833E-Mail

Book Levels: 1-10
Rodrigo Pessoa505-358-5695E-Mail


Book Levels: 1-2 Guitar
Paul Sarafin907-301-3970E-Mail

Suzuki Early Childhood Education

Book Levels: Levels 1-3
Karyn Grove-Bruce907-345-7038E-Mail


Book Levels: 1-9 (all) Viola
Karyn Grove-Bruce907-345-7038E-Mail


Book Levels: 1-4 Violin
Nina Bingham907-277-1754E-Mail

Book Levels: 1-3 Violin
Joy Davidson907-373-0387E-Mail

Book Levels: 1-4 Violin
Elise Gelbart907-272-0975E-Mail

Book Levels: 1-10 (all) Violin
Karyn Grove-Bruce907-345-7038E-Mail

Book Levels: 1-3
Amanda Kerr907-317-6135E-Mail

Book Levels: 1-8 Violin
Dawn Lindsay907-440-1812E-Mail