What's New at SASA?

Thanks for another wonderful institute!  It is always delightful to see the children and families excited, happy and all together.  It is absolutely heavenly to hear all those lauging voices and beautiful instruments.  Thank you for being such a wonderful community.  Thank you also to all our amazing volunteers and board members who make this happen.  A huge thank you to Karyn Grove-Bruce who quietly, all year-long , works to make these institutes a reality. These institutes are for you so let us know how we can make them better.  If you can, take a moment to give us feed back at this link.  


NEW!  If you register before 20 August 2014 AND pay your balance by 1 January 1025, you will lock in the 2014 tuition rates and avoid the 2015 increase.  It is important that we get your payment (either in installments or in total) by 1 January 1015 in order to porcess your registration.  Registration will reopen again in March for normal registration (with the new prices).  Thank you!


Guitar and Cellos - we need your help! Our Institute is very unique in that we have a large range of instruments represented.  There is no other institute in Alaska and very few in the lower 48 who can do this.  We need your help to continue this.  We are trying very hard to sustain the Cello and Guitar programs at our institute.  In order to have a teacher at institute, SAA mandates that we have them hired by September of the previous year, which means we usually cannot hire teachers at the last minute.  Please help us with this by spreading the word, telling your teacher, friends and other students about institute.  Early registration as mentioned above will help tremendously by letting us know if we can keep these instruments in the institute for 2015.  Please email Karyn here if you have ideas or comments about this.  We need to hear from you!