Good Concert Behavior

1. Concert-goers should sit quietly during the performance. This means being silent, turning off cell-phones, keeping papers and programs quiet, and sitting in one place.

2. Applaud the performer(s) when they come out on stage, and at the END of their performance. Be careful not to applaud in between movements of a piece (check the program for how many movements there are).

3. If you enter late or have to leave a concert early, time your movement to be between pieces (or between movements if absolutely neccesary). Avoid walking in front of an audience member while a performer is playing.

4. Whistles and catcalls are not appropriate during applause. If you must shout something, try "Bravo" or "Brava!" You are welcome to stand up during applause if you feel the performance warranted it. (This is a sign of great respect).