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In order to attend the Institute, each family must have a signed Medical Release Form on file. This form will enable necessary medical treatment to be given to each child in the event of an emergency.

I give my permission for a nurse, doctor, health center, or hospital staff to administer any necessary aid immediately to applicants should he/she/they become sick or injured while attending the SASA Institute, and to do so without having to wait until I am contacted. I also agree to hold harmless SASA and anyone affiliated with it for any injury incurred to any family member as a result of their participation.

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I understand that SASA may take photographs and/or videos of institute participants and activities. I agree that the Suzuki Association of Southcentral Alaska may use such photographs and/or videos relating to the promotion of future activities. I relinquish all rights that I may claim in relation to the use of said photographs and/or videos.

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Selecting at least one Volunteer Opportunity will qualify you for a $25.00 discount on your total registration fees.

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These optional classes are in addition to the the daily core curriculum; additional fees apply as shown.
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